After a very long – way too long – break, here we are in front of the fifth edition of IMAGINE Magazine.
As I promised in the previous edition, IMAGINE Magazine it’s transformed from a glossy magazine into an art album, with even more pages, with more topics of interest in visual arts.
From the beginning of this year, we have a new virtual home: This is the place for visual artists community, the place where we can know each other, were we can interact, it is the place where no form of art censorship is allowed! Even if it is still in beta, I invite you to register on the website: it’s free!

In this edition we are focusing on diversity of sensuality and nude photography, on the beauty of the human body…

Enjoy your reading!

Gabi Gogiu

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  1. […] photographer Arkadiy Kurta, whos interview you can enjoy it in the fifth edition of our magazine, loves to shoot nudes in the city. He shouted a lot of those kind of photos, so we choose to share […]