Nygmaaa’s dual personality

I noticed Nygmaaa on Instagram in a friend’s feed. I wrote to her and we planned to do a photo shoot together. I liked the expressiveness of her body, I liked her way of posing; she liked my style so we immediately set up a date for the photo shoot.

For a long time, I had this idea of creating a nude photo shoot with a minimalist decor, with only natural light: just a bed mattress and some sheets on the floor in front of a white wall and a window. The whole story would be “painted” in black and white images. She liked the idea, especially because she loves black and white nude photography, and the result you can admire in this pictorial.

We both enjoyed working with each other so we decided to continue the photo shoot in the studio with controlled light. Nygmaaa liked a photo I had made in the past, pictured with a white mask on my model’s face, so she wanted to take the studio photos with the mask on.

MODEL: Nygmaaaa instagram.com/nygmaaaa
PHOTO: Gabi Gogiu instagram.com/gabigogiu www.qltstudio2.com 

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