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I, ( the submitter) hereby grant IMAGINE Magazine, an online and print magazine, operated and owned by QLT Studio 2, a worldwide, royalty free, perpetual, irrevocable license to use, reproduce, prepare derivative works of, modify, distribute, transmit, publicly perform, adapt, publish, translate and publicly display any or all Content (hereafter referred to as “Content”), including for promoting and redistributing part or all of the websites and magazine in any media format and through all media channels. This license includes the right to use the Content to advertise, promote, market and package the Content in any way IMAGINE Magazine may determine, including the right to create excerpts or preview thumbnails of the Content for marketing and promotional purposes. This license includes the right to allow end users and third parties to access, embed, download, or stream the Content. I acknowledge that IMAGINE Magazine may add to the Content additional information, including performer information, categorical tags and descriptive titles to increase views of the Content I submit to IMAGINE Magazine and to incorporate such Content into publications of IMAGINE Magazine. “Content” includes but is not limited to photographs, personal artwork, writings and articles, among other things. IMAGINE Magazine is not allowed to sell content to third parties.
I hereby agree and state that:

1. I am the sole creator, owner and copyright holder of the submission/s and have the full right to allow IMAGINE Magazine to publish my submission/s without infringing on the ownership or copyright of anyone else. If I am not the creator, owner and copyright holder of the submission/s I certify that I have written permission from the copyright holder to submit the Content to IMAGINE Magazine and any eventual dispute about copyright use will be between me and the copyright owner. IMAGINE Magazine is exonerated by any infringement.

2. I understand that IMAGINE Magazine has no control over who reads/views IMAGINE Magazine publications or websites or the amount of readers of IMAGINE Magazine publications/websites.

3. IMAGINE Magazine will actively publish the Content whenever and in whatever media form they choose including but not limited to online and social media websites such as Facebook, instagram, mobile and print modes of publication. I further understand that IMAGINE Magazine has the right to republish the Content, in whole or in part, in future issues of the Magazine, in collections of works from the journal and/or anthologies.

4. I will not submit anything that is not rights free or content that I share the rights to, to IMAGINE Magazine without first clearing the use of the Content by IMAGINE Magazine in a signed document by other rights holders and present those signed documents to IMAGINE Magazine via digital transmission or mail and confirming receipt of all such documents if it is necessary.

5. I understand and agree that IMAGINE Magazine may need to edit my Content submission/s.

6. I understand that once printed or downloaded Content is embedded perpetually in the end users copy of the Content, with no way for IMAGINE Magazine to retrieve or stop access to the Content, hence the perpetual release of rights is essential for IMAGINE Magazine to use my content in its publications in any medium or format.

7. I understand that parts of my submissions will be used in print & digital magazine published by IMAGINE Magazine and for various forms of online, social media and print advertisements, website banners, email and mail promotions and any other form of advertisement IMAGINE Magazine deems necessary to promote the publications. I hereby agree to allow IMAGINE Magazine access to Print Resolution Images of my Content for aforementioned usage completely free of charge.

8. I understand and agree that IMAGINE Magazine does not supply a free printed copy of the Magazine and I am responsible for purchasing an issue.

9. I understand and agree that I have reviewed the original Content submission/s and any and all persons depicted in the Content submission/s are over the age of 18. I further understand that IMAGINE Magazine reserves the right to request proof of age. I further understand that this certification shall also apply in instances where the owner/copyright holder is also depicted in the Content submission/s.

10. In the case of submissions containing nudity or partial nudity, I agree to submit scanned copies of age verification documents of every person included in such depictions and pictures if it is requested.

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