Creative mind

AISII is one of the most famous Romanian nude models, her career outreaching Romanian borders for a long time.
Her love for posing is matched only by her big interest for photographic art, being one of the most active voices in our photography groups.

Who are you and why?

I am a mother, a wife, a model. In this specific order.
Why? Because I am lucky.

Three shitty pictures you like and why?

Only three? I like plenty of mediocre technical things that make me feel something.

What is the best part of a photoshoot?

When the food arrives.

What is the worst part of a photoshoot?

When it is one of those photoshoots when you don’t even have time to drink water.

Tell us why are you an artist in only 12 words.

Books, movies, videos, music. This is what I feed my brain with. There you go, 12 exactly.

Finish the sentence with only two words: Photographers suck because…

They’re lecherous. Well, some of them.

Finish the sentence with only two words: Photographers are cool because…

They’re creative. Well not all of them.

Picture this: you hate me! Confess your dislike towards me nicely.

Thank you for making me answer all these questions on a Sunday.

You ask, you answer.

Why are you not modelling anymore?
I am on an indefinite hiatus. Most of the people do not know this but I do more than just modelling.

A message to our readers:

All that glitters is not gold especially when it comes to nude & fashion photography.

Prove you are a hater

Dear photographers, stop posting pictures of your cam-girl clients on Facebook professional photography groups.

Model: Ana-Maria Ilinca @aisii
Photo: Alfred Georg Weissenegger, Daniel Ilinca @idanyphotography

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