IMAGINE Magazine Vol VII

Nude photography is all too often criticised and blamed for being obscene because viewers who cannot understand art only see sexuality in such images. The same is valid for paintings, sculptures or sketches depicting a nude. But the artistic nude, unlike the commercial one, praise the perfection of the human body! To those who can see nothing but sex when they see a nude, I respond with Henry Miller’s statement, “Everybody says sex is obscene. The only true obscenity is war!”

War is nonsense and cannot respond to dissension between peoples because it destroys economies, destroys human lives, destroys culture! In the 79 days since its invasion by Russia, at the time of writing this text, Ukraine has lost 8.3 billion Euros in defence spending, special services, and medical and humanitarian assistance. I don’t want to mention the loss of human lives because the numbers are terrible. From my point of view, any war is genocide, even if only one life ends in it!

I am not in a position to judge what is happening in Ukraine, but I cannot remain impassive. That is why we have given a space dedicated to Ukrainian artists in this edition. Read what they say, admire their work and help them by buying their artwork.

Make art, not war!

Gabi Gogiu

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