Powerful duo

They never knew each other until this shoot but their love for art shattered the barriers and made them a powerful duo in front of John Camino’s camera. They are Jasmin and Michael…

How these powerful images came to life…

I, Jasmin… was the instigator and force of this shoot. I found John’s work on IG and since he shoots a lot of dancers and also had his work published in dance magazines, it was a dream come true to be able to shoot with him, during my time in LA.

I also “found” Mike on IG. I can’t even remember how, but i know, once I saw him and his beautiful, unique, raw, wild look… I needed to collaborate with him.

Since I was a child, I never felt Austrian! Every single cell of my body and soul and spirit felt exotic. Belonging to the jungle, running barefoot on the beach, climbing rocks and riding elephants.

Seeing Mike, I just felt my intuition jumping up and down and I know what kind of male look really goes well with mine. It’s never just the look… but we also feel a certain vibe. I reached out to Mike, we met for a talk before the shoot and my intuition was spot on.

Mike has such a crazy, intense past. He was a marine and on the total opposite, he also is a great painter.

We both know what it means to follow orders, drills, be extremely disciplined and dedicated.

Me, coming from a lifelong dance and theater education… Hard Core Russsian ballett training and being dedicated to my physical discipline for 36 years straight. I also studied classical music and piano. Today we cannot imagine what it means to stay on one path for so long, where there were no phones and making videos or learning off from youtube… I am so extremely grateful to have this dedicated and passionate path… because it was the best school of getting to know myself and my limits.

John, Mike and I met at one of LA downtown Photo studios, had 2 hours and we flowed from the beginning like if we knew each other the longest time.

For me, it is the best feeling when i feel safe to open up fully and go for it fully. That happens when everybody, sharing the room, that space… does the same and with respect! Only then, you can create magical, powerful results!

This is still one of my most favorite shooting memories.

TEXT: Jasmin Rituper
PHOTO: John Camino
FEMALE MODEL: Jasmin Rituper
MALE MODEL: Michael Vagras 

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