Why do we press the camera button? Why do we admire photographs, paintings, sculptures or artistic drawings? Why does aesthetics attract us? Why do we like visual arts? Why do we lose minutes or hours in a row flipping through a magazine, the pictures from an online group or from a photography website?

The answers are many and variy but they all have the same roots: we are invariably attracted to beauty! We like to admire, we want to capture
moments – on celluloid or in strings of bits – the images created in our mind, depicted in the smallest details. We like to take pictures! We like to relive the memories immortalized in these pictures that we take!

“Photography is the story I fail to put into words” is what Destin Sparks said. As a photographer, I completely agree with him, and as an art lover I
lose track of time when a collection of visual stories falls into my hands.
This is what IMAGINE is all about!
Gabi Gogiu

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